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As noted in the previous post, we have a packed legislative schedule for next year in employment law. At least with statutory law employers can plan in advance. However, some of the most surprising legal developments come from case law. So what might the tribunals and courts have in store for us in 2011? More

The big employment law story of 2010, at least in statute law terms, was the Equality Act 2010. It is likely to be the big story of 2011 too, since its greatest effects will not be felt until the cases start to trickle through the tribunals and courts. But there are plenty of other things on the legislative agenda for the next year. More

Stronger earnings growth is becoming more established in key parts of the private sector. Pay growth has been at around 4 per cent for both September and October in finance and business services and also in manufacturing. More

Retail price inflation, as measured by the RPI, rose to 4.7 per cent in November, up from 4.5 per cent in October. The main drivers for the rise were higher prices for food and drink, and clothing and furniture. More

The impact of the recession on earnings is revealed once again in the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings for 2010, as it did in the ASHE 2009 survey. More

Yet again snow has disrupted transport across the United Kingdom causing travel chaos and leaving many workers unable to get to work. For some this may be a welcome opportunity to get into the festive spirit and build a snowman, but for many employers it is both costly and inconvenient. This post answers some questions about employees’ and employers’ rights when staff can’t get to work. More

The Court of Appeal’s recent judgment in Tilson v Alstom Transport  has highlighted just how difficult it is for an agency worker to establish that he or she is really an employee of the ‘end user’ of his or her services. Even if an agency worker has worked for the same end user for 20 years, without employee status he or she is unable to claim unfair dismissal, redundancy pay and a host of other employment rights. The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 come into force in October 2011. What will they do to improve the lot of agency workers in this respect? More

Fairness is on everyone’s lips, says Will Hutton who published the interim report of the Government appointed Fair Pay Review on Wednesday. But while fairness is on everyone’s lips, the weight of evidence gathered for the report suggests it may not be on everyone’s agenda. More

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